New casinos to play for real money

So, how do we define a new casino? How long does a casino have to be up and running before it is considered new? A common answer would probably be, As long as the site has earned a reputation, good or bad. But, still considered new are those sites that opened less than a year ago. It's silly to consider a site that opened two or three years ago new just because some platforms have been around for more than a decade. Why do we devote an entire article to new online casinos? In this article, I will talk about why you should or should not play on a young site, and how to sign up safely at a relatively new casino.

  • €1,000 bonus on first deposit
  • +125 FS Freespins
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  • Generous bonus policy
  • Ability to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency
  • Implemented the search for machines on the statistics of winnings over the past day
  • Processing of requests for withdrawal up to 24 hours
  • 150% bonus on first deposit
  • +50 Freespins
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  • Bonuses consist of cash and freespins
  • Processing of requests for withdrawal of winnings takes from 1 hour
  • Regular tournaments with prizes
  • To maintain the status, you must meet the conditions for the total amount of deposits on a monthly basis
  • 150% bonus on first deposit
  • +50 Freespins
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  • Processing requests for withdrawal of winnings within 30 minutes
  • More than 2,000 slot machines, table and card games
  • Loyalty system, including 6 statuses
  • Lack of clients for PC and application for mobile devices
  • 100% bonus on first deposit
  • +30 Freespins
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  • More than 7,500 gambling attractions
  • Live games from 16 providers
  • Fast payments of up to 15 minutes
  • Incompetent tech support
  • 150% bonus on first deposit
  • +50 Freespins
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  • Extensive bonus program in all slots
  • Multilevel loyalty program
  • License availability
  • May ask for the source of the income

Playing at the new online casino: pros and cons

Let's start with the disadvantages, because they are obvious, and I suggest we deal with them right away.

Registering at an online casino often involves providing the platform with personal data (including bank accounts or other financial data), which makes you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud. Think about it: how many times have you left your debit card numbers or other data on commercial sites that now store that information on their servers?! Why do we think casinos work differently than, say, It's all about user trust.

If you want to sign up for a site that has been around for ten or fifteen years, your trust in it will naturally be pretty high. If you took the time to research reviews and found a site with a good reputation, you have no reason to think that this online casino has less protection for your financial data than, for example, Netflix or eBay.

But what if you want to make a deposit at a site that launched last month or last week? This is probably the biggest "downside" of registering and making a deposit on a brand new casino site. If I was going to sign up for a site that opened less than a year ago, my biggest concern would be its security and reliability.

The other problem that follows is that if you can't study the reviews and find out how the casino has interacted with its customers (because the site just doesn't have them), you are forced to start playing at a disadvantage. That means you have to do all the work yourself - research the site's features and reliability yourself.

As for the pros - believe it or not, there are many. Aside from the obvious appeal of a new product on the market, I can list a few situations in which it makes sense to join a new casino.

Imagine a player who is tired of the same games and features at a site he has been playing at for eight years. Why wouldn't he consider joining a new site that works with different software, offers a more interesting interface or new options?

If you reason in this way, you can easily find other benefits of opening an account at a new gaming site. A new site may offer new promotions, a new user interface or a new type of game in general.

Security of new casinos

How do you make sure a new casino is legitimate?

This is actually done simply. You need to find information about the site on just two things:

If a new gaming site has a UK or Isle of Man license, that's the best possible proof of its legitimacy. On the other hand, if a new casino is licensed to gamble in Belize or Costa Rica, you should probably stay away from such a site at least until they have a year of experience (and customer reviews).

News of an online casino premiere always promises a lot; I usually hope the operator will offer a large library of diverse games from four or five different platforms. Or for a huge bonus with a minimum wagering requirement. Unfortunately, that happens quite rarely.

If you are thinking about registering at a new online casino without a great history, you should proceed with more caution than when playing at a proven site.